Alpha Video position


I am trying to position an alpha video of a person standing on a tracked image, because I cannot see the video in the video plane I cannot seem to get it close to the image, it’s either too high, too small or over rotated. Is this something I need to do in the editing process or can I preview the alpha video in relation to the tracking image during the design process in studio.


Hi @jamesandrew3246,

You can use the Preview option in ZapWorks Studio to produce a temporary zapcode that, when scanned, displays the experience in its current state.

Using this you can quickly and easily preview the video’s position, and edit accordingly within Studio.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


Hi Seb,

Thank you, but still not working.
Can’t preview the project without tracking image and still can’t see alpha video in relation to tracking image in order to position correctly within studio.



Hi @jamesandrew3246,

Could you send a screenshot of your Studio project please, and send through the steps you’re taking to preview the project in the Zappar app?

You should be able to preview the experience regardless of whether you have a tracking image in the project or not.



Hi Seb,
I think I might have confused the issue slightly, I can preview it in the Zapper app no problem, I was just wondering if when positioning the white video plane in studio there is a way to see if it sits directly on top of the tracking image.

So if it was a person I would know if they were standing on the image or floating above it, rather than previewing every time then going back to studio and moving it slightly.



Hi @jamesandrew3246,

You should check out some of our early videos which explains more about the hierarchy that is located on the left hand side of Studio.

More specifically if you look at our introduction video and skip to 5 minutes, you will see that if you drag your plane/alpha video on to your target image it will sit directly on top. You can then use the 3D view to look around which will be the same as what you would see on a device, although because it is an alpha video you will not be able to preview it within the 3D editor.

You can also look into the relativeTo properties tool as well, there is a documentation page on this that can be found here: Coordinate Systems.

Hope this helps,