Activation symbol 3d photo feature with button


Hi Zappar
We’re producing a wedding card with 2 sides:

1 side - is made with design, its use is for share content: video, photo ,contact, plus one link for facebook frame camera made with spark ar

2 side - is made with studio, in this case I had follow the tutorial RANDOM 3D PHOTO FEATURE , and its all ok !!!

NOW THE QUESTION IS: The new client didn’t like the random feature, but they want the button that activate the different symbol 3d photo feature.
I have made different ways, but I make confusion with symbol activation display and pointerdown …

Below you can find the basic project with: main symbol with the activate botton .PNG, back button .PNG, plus symbol 3d photo with its 3d model

Can you help me write the script in the project so that the first button activate the photo and the second button (back .PNG) return to the welcome screen ?

party prop send zappar.zpp (2.7 MB)

thak yoy so much… AND LONG LIFE TO ZAPPAR!!


Hi @aweround,

If you’re not comfortable with code you could make use of our Actions functionality.

If you set up states in which each of your 3D models is visible you can activate these by adding an On Tap > Activate State action to each of your button nodes in the hierarchy.

Hope this helps.

All the best,