A fun project for AIGA

A fun project for AIGA


What tool was used for generating the 3D graphics/animation (Blender, Maya, 3ds Max,…)? Was each animation sequence imported as a single POD file?

Hey jack the main triggered animation is a video and was done in cinima4d and adobe after effects. The dancing statues were done in adobe mixamo and served up through sckechfab no pod was used… I would like to use more 3D objects directly in Zappar studio but that pod format is soo painfully to use fluidly…

Hey Guys,

Awesome work on the experience @order, I remember that being passed around the office a while back.

While I believe this experience was made before this update, we now have experimental support for FBX models as outlined in our 3D Docs.

This should make it a little easier when importing models :slight_smile:


Thanks yeah it was a lot of fun… looking forward to working with fbx or even web vr from sources like Sketchfab when do you think it will be fully worked out?

With regards to the FBX support you can start trying your FBX models now. Even if they don’t work at first we can take a look at the models and improve our import support or suggest changes that will get the model to work :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

This is very cool. I love the animation and character design.
Did you use Maya?

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Richard Willis Jr

Can one export POD or FBX directly from Unity assets (i.e., without going back to the original source - Maya, 3ds, Cinema4d, Autodesk,…)?

Hey @jacks9,

That’s something you’ll have to check with Unity on. :slight_smile: