3D Photo feature zoom

So i read the other post about the pinch zoom feature but i have a problem,
i have a big scene with multiple 3d models i used the 3d photo example as a reference the thing is that when try to zoom it does zoom but on the center of the main model and not on the position of the fingers.

It’s not real a zoom per say as much as a size changer of the model.
Also unless you are using a code set for more then one 3d model you will only change the size of all the models. EX( https://forum.zap.works/t/3d-photo-feature/826/) and I have some 2d code here as well (https://forum.zap.works/t/multiple-2d-photo-features-with-separate-controls/3279) This will let you change each model but still not a full zoom screen.