3D object is shaking, tracking image has good tracking



we need some help with shaking 3D model as recorded on video: https://zapworksforumuploads.s3.dualstack.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/original/2X/9/973f25a3bce82c74665e077c1fbf534729057610.MP4

We tested image for tracking on my.zap.works as import for designer (We are missing this tracking image analysis in studio?), and it got good grade. Here it is:

So the problem is “when in focus”, so tracking image is recognized, but then model is shaking a lot.

Maybe is possible to tweak something to resolve this?

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Hi Nejc,

Thanks for continuing to use ZapWorks :slight_smile:

I’ve taken a look at your tracking image and your video, and I’ve offered a few tips down below.

It seems that your tracking image may not be tracking that well due to not having a zapcode being placed on your tracking image. I’d also recommend removing the bottom part of your tracking image (where the underside of the truck and the wheel lies), as if you use your current tracking image when the truck is being displayed along the road, light underneath the truck could cause some tracking and stability issues.

When uploading your tracking image, be sure to upload it as a PNG file, and remember to remove the white background around your tracking image (make it transparent) to avoid further tracking issues.

Hope you find these tips useful (I recommend you read the guide here for tracking image best practices), and let me know if you have any other questions.

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thank you for answer.
Our tracking image is in png, transparent background, canvas croped to image edges.
We already tryed exactly the same suggestions:

  • tracking image WITH zapcode (placed in TOP-RIGHT corner, where tracking was scored as worst part).
  • cut tracking picture at the bottom (where tarp of truck start)
  • The part about light under the truck I didnt understand?

From my point of view, tracking is quite good, but the problem is stability of experience. Here is one more video with phone fixed on table - truck is also fixed, but experience is still very unstable.

Also question from first post… test for tracking image (other than in web designer tool). Is it posible to check tracking image in studio?

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