3D Model Wobble - Ongoing Issue

One this that I keep coming across is when importing 3D models that are tracked to an image, the model will always “wobble” and not stay locked against the image.

I always thought that it could possibly the image I’m using but this has happened now on several projects, different images with different variations.

Is there a solid solutions to solve this issue that anyone could share please.



I have encountered an issue where the entire scene shakes excessively when using an image target. Despite reading multiple articles, I have yet to find a solution. Many suggestions say that the tracking image needs to be improved, but I have tried multiple images and still experience the shakes. As someone with experience in flying R/C airplanes, I suggest that Zappar considers adding features similar to “Expo” and “Dead band” to filter out small movements caused by a user holding their phone. These features are commonly used to smooth out shakes in R/C airplane controllers.

Hi both!

The most common symptom of shaky tracking is (as you rightly say!) the target image. For those who are unaware and may be finding the same issue, we have some great documentation which shares features of a good tracking image: General | What Makes a Good Tracking Image?.

We sometimes find that users do not use a traditional target/tracking image, but instead use a QR code or Zapcode for their tracking image. Whilst a Zapcode may work somewhat for our legacy tools, we’d highly recommend using QR codes and Zapcodes as triggers (General | Project Triggers) only. This is because they contain a lot of blank space and are pretty repetitive, which goes against our best practices.

A helpful way to improve tracking performance is to consider viewing your image in grayscale to view the amount of contrast between different parts of an image. Sometimes the human eye can spot subtle differences in contrast that the computer vision may not!

Where you place content on your image will also effect how tracking appears. Moving content away from the center of the image can have some effect on how content presents itself. This could be due to perspective - objects closer to the camera for example will probably move faster and seem to be in a different position to those that are further away from the camera.

If you are importing 3D content, it is pretty important that the center of the object is exported correctly. If not done correctly, this can cause objects to appear as if they are drifting because their anchor point is in a different place.

With all that said, users themselves should be taken into account. This is to say that there will always be some natural movement as a user holds their device - nobody can be completely still!

If you are concerned about a particular project, please do send in your experience to support@zappar.com citing my name - we can have a look and see what may be the issue here.

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush: