360 video template

Hi Guys,

I created this 360 video template for you to use in your projects and thought I would post it here while we look to officially add it to the Studio templates - 360Video.zpp (155.6 KB)

You can scan the code below to see the finished product:

To implement, simply download the zpp and import it into your project via the Symbol Definitions panel.


Then drag it into the Hierarchy to create an instance of it.


Finally, you can paste in the URL of the 360 video you’ve uploaded for streaming.


We shot some footage in the office and have provided a URL for you to use here - https://ddg67ecygv8rc.cloudfront.net/video360/zappar_hq_360_v1.mp4

You can take a look at what the video looks like below:


This template builds on the video player symbol so it’s worth checking out the documentation page for more information on the options provided.



Awesome thanks for the share Mark!



Good stuff, thanks Mark!

Any chance to get an editable version of this symbol? If I try to go inside the symbol definition I’ll get a message saying “This symbol was edited with a newer version of ZapWorks Studio. Please update and try again.” even though I have the latest version (according to the About -window).

Really looking forward to the template itself and an update to Studio. We might have a hasty project coming up that could need some tinkering inside the symbol, so I thought perhaps it’d be possible to get another version before the update? :wink:

My bad, keeping up with internal and live builds at the same time can be tricky :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve now fixed the template to work with the current live version of Studio.


Thank you very much Mark!

Wow, such detailed steps. This is very helpful to me. thank you

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