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Sorry if there is another thread that can help me with this, if there is please do point me in the right direction.

I am experimenting with studio, we have put in a business case for a license. Anyway I am wanting to know if I could create an experience where a user scans a code and they can then look around their own 360 environment to find things. Such as looking for ghosts etc. I have seen the tutorial for a 360 image but I am not wanting to use an image, I just want to have floating objects in the users own 360 degree view from wherever they scan their code. Almost like they are using their device as detector. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you


Hi @jimbo,

Great to hear you’re having a play around with Studio :smiley:

The attitude orient node you used in the 360 image tutorial is used to position content in a gyro-oriented environment. In the tutorial, a photosphere node is added to the attitude orient node, but you can add any nodes you’d like to this special group including your own images.

Bear in mind when you’re positioning content in gyro-space you may need to use a negative value in the object’s Z axis position property (to position it ‘in front’ of the user). You can find more information here.

Alternatively, you could experiment with creating a world-tracked experience, with content placed around the user in 3D space.

Hope this helps. If you make any cool experiences feel free to share them over on the forum’s Show and Tell section!

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