Zoom Canvas in Designer

I am using the designer without an image, just using a code. Is there a way to zoom / resize the canvas? If not then I think it would be a good addition!

I can size and position content such that it appears outside of the designer canvas and it works fine when viewing in the Zappar app, but obviously I can’t see them when designing…



I second that - it’s a feature that I regularly need.

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Hey Guys,

It’s not something that’s currently possible but is a current feature request with our platform team.

I’ll move this thread to the feature request section and we’ll update here when we get movement on the feature :slight_smile:


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Also desperately need this feature please so i can utilize the entire screen or at least 80% of it.

In the line to awaiting this release!

Hi there

Designer is made for positioning content on the tracking image rather than putting content outside the canvas. Putting content around a tracking image is possible using position values, however, there currently isn’t a method of being able to zoom out of the editor to allow you to put content around the tracking image easier.

Hope this helps!

I have the same problem. The question is … Will it be possible in the future? Are you working on it? I think it’s quite restrictive.

Hi @tutoriajosemaria,

Our Designer tool has taken a bit of a back seat to Studio in the past few years. We do believe our browser-based tool is still an amazing content creation platform but given that it hasn’t been fully updated recently we understand that it might feel quite restrictive. Have you tried having a play around with Studio, I’d recommend following along with our getting started guide if you haven’t?

We don’t want to give anything away but keep your eyes peeled as we have got some really cool updates coming in the future for all our tools. As always, the forum will be the first place we post, so stay tuned!