ZAPWORKS- tracking is not working on the Front Face Camera


I do not know if I’m doing something wrong but tracking is not working on the Front Face Camera in the new version 6.2.8 of Zapworks.
Note: This happens when I use the “screen symbol” now it does not work anymore in this new version.


Here is an example of the error this project I made with the old version, but I opened the new version and added a video note that the video I added in the new version only works on the camera trazeira. Please load it and hit the button with face drawing, you will see that the face tranking with a jaw works that I did in the old version, but the video I added in the new version does not appear on the face camera, switch to “rear face camera” and point to a face the video and the jaw appear. please correct this :slight_smile:LINK OF ZAPPAR


Hi @vizionmotion,

Could you please send your project’s zpp over to for us to take a closer look at?

Seb :slight_smile:


Thanks Sed i send :slight_smile:


Hi @vizionmotion,

I have replied directly to the support email but will also add the reply here in case it could help others. :slight_smile:

What you have encountered a simple rotation issue on the video player when the experience is set to the front-facing camera.

We worked this out by rotating the video player by 180 degrees on the x-axis and then previewing the experience again.

What we would suggest is to create a new controller with 2 states . As an example, you can call the controller ‘camera’ and the states ‘front’ and ’ back '. Now with the ‘back’ state selected, have the video as normal (0 on the x-axis) and with the ‘front’ state selected, change the x to 180.

Don’t forget that the states will need to also be activated depending on which camera is being shown. This can be done by adding the activation of the ‘back’ state to the action of the reverse camera button (added in the scene, not the Zappar app UI). See below -

OR alternatively

Adding a camera manager into the Hierarchy allows the use of an event to be added to a script. This event is called when either the front or the rear cameras are activated (including the Zappar app UI). See below -

const Camera_Manager = symbol.nodes.Camera_Manager;

Camera_Manager.on("frontcamera", () => {
 // Activate your front state here

Camera_Manager.on("rearcamera", () => {
 // Activate your back state here

Please note the ’ Camera_Manager’ is a placeholder reference variable of the camera manager node from the Hierarchy . In another scene, the name might be different.

Hope this helps!