[ZapWorks Studio] Z.Audio.Source getter's result is different from setter's input


If you use the audio setter, the input used to set the audio source is not the same as the value returned by the audio getter. The getter should return the same value used on the setter. That’s what is usually expected, and it is what happens with most, if not all getters and setters from the api, like the position setter(the position getter will return the position that you used as input on the setter).

Value used on setter:
symbol.mediaFiles.zapsplat_bells_church_bell_ring_12_ext_med_close_43634_ogg (which returns ee0dbf42-41c0-4e3c-ac8e-fd0a761135e5 on console.log)
Value returned by getter:

The consequence of this is that if you have an audio node that dynamically changes the source, you can’t use the input you used on the setter to compare with the current’s source value.

ZapWorks Studio

You need to use an external variable to keep track of the current audio source instead of using the getter.

Please see attached file as an example of the problem.
testAudioSource.zpp (501.0 KB)