[Zapworks Studio - WebAR] Allow users to access the underlying WebAPI


There are many web apis available. devicemotion, share, etc. Most of these apis could be easily accessible from Zapworks Studio without much work from Zappar. The only reason they are not accessible right now is because most of them require a user gesture(a pointer click) to be activated. In Zapworks Studio, when a user uses a pointerdown on something, Zapworks could bubble up this event to be reached on a pointerup of the document’s web page, to unlock the web api.

This is the technique used in Unity to use any web api. In Unity, the developer has full control of the web page, which makes this possible. In Unity, after a pointerdown on something, I can bubble up the event to be reached by the document’s pointerup and unlock the web api I want to use. In Zapworks Studio, my hands are tied. I am attaching a video that shows how me, the user, should be able to reach the main web page, and how the Zapworks Studio devs could change the web page’s code to make it work(the general idea).

By using the developer tools to modify the web page, I can make the share api work.

Instead of having to implement a layer on top of each web api for Zapworks Studio, the devs could simply let us access these apis.

I understand that with UniversalAR you can access the web apis no problem, but my point here is that it could be accessed by Zapworks Studio as well! I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t, it would give us a lot more power.

I would love to hear from a Zapworks Studio dev about this idea. Is there any security concern with this? I don’t think being able to send a pointerup to the main document inside the iframe is a security issue. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your time!