[Zapworks Studio - WebAR] Ability to share text only

It seems that it’s not possible to share only text, but it should be. Sometimes clients want to share the experience itself, so it would be nice if I could just share the deeplink of the experience. Furthermore, right now it’s not possible to share images on iOS browsers, only Android. However, sharing text works on both using the web share api, so Zapworks Studio should support this on webar. An API to share just text. That’s all. Primary use case: share the link of the experience. Specially useful for AR experiences that don’t require an image tracking, like instant tracking or face tracking.

Right now, it’s not possible to share messages on webar at all, even if I use the snapshot feature. See the issue here, it was reported over 2 years ago and it’s not fixed yet.

Here is an example of the web share functionality for text only. You can try it out on Safari and Chrome for Android, it will work on both.

Sharing images is now possible on iOS15. Still, sharing just text should be an option, just to share the URL of the experience as explained above.

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