Zapworks Studio Mask Template compile error


Hi - I’m unable to build from this template because it’s expecting a comma to be in the ‘hide’ element in the hierarchy. But as it my first crack at this I can’t see where it should go.

It says ‘invalid value for node property:code’ when I roll over it. Thanks for any help you can offer here :slight_smile:

parent.on("hide", () => {
	// Once we're fully hidden we should emit the "hidden" signal"complete", () => {


Hey @kingbaggot,

Seems like you’re missing a bracket and semi-colon after your final curly brace i.e. your final line of code should be });

The code should compile once this has been amended.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


Thanks Sebastian ! - funny how the compile error message thought that a comma was missing - send me on a wild goose chase !

not sure why the compiled project doesn’t show up on my zappar android app - that’s something for a separate post though.