ZapWorks Halloween Competition Winners

ZapWorks Halloween Competition :ghost:

Head back here on October 31st when we’ll be posting the winners!

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Hey Zapworkers,

It was a hard-fought contest, but we have our winner!

Without further ado, our 2017 Halloween AR competition winner is @westcreations from The Burping Turtle with his super spooky seance experience.

1st Place - The Dark Sinfulness - AR Seance

Prize: $500 + a ZapBox kit
Tool: ZapWorks Studio

Using the target image as the ouija board, @westcreations was able to create a chilling AR experience that skillfully incorporated audio, 3D models and user interactivity.


2nd Place - Jasper’s Worst Nightmare

Prize: $250 + a ZapBox kit
Tool: ZapWorks Studio

@vlknff built this Halloween themed endless runner for our competition, finishing a close second. Play as Jasper as he attempts to escape from an evil spirit whilst avoiding obstacles in his path.


You can find both @westcreations and @vlknff experiences on the Zappar blog and ZapWorks showcase page.


Hi Dave!

Thank you so much it was fun! Congrats to @vlknff as well :slight_smile:

Keep well