Zapworks Designer


Hi there -
I am very new here and just started playing with Designer. I have just one question, and apologies if it’s obvious.
I have created my first simple drag and drop AR image with a video that plays - I’ve “Published” it as one of the 5 free projects I get.
I would like to print out the image now - but see no way to do so – other than seeing a Preview with a 5 minute long activation, how do I “use” the one that I’ve created??
Many Thanks
Hope my question makes sense …


Hi Carl,

Glad you’re getting started with ZapWorks :slight_smile:

As for your question, we recommend that you open up the tracking image you created using your image editor to print your tracking image.

Ensure that you’ve placed the published zapcode (not the preview zapcode) on to your tracking image before printing your tracking image.

You can also take a look at our guidelines on Tracking images, Code printing and adding a Call To Action for assistance.

Hope this helps,


Thanks very much … :slight_smile: