Zapworks Designer Transition Delay Duration

My target image has 3 images in black & white, so I would like to insert a colored one for each one of them for the AP experience, so they would appear one by one according to the ideal timing. However, it is impossible for me to customize their appearance duration as the delay duration can only be set to 5, which is the longest in the setting. So it makes no difference because they would eventually all appear at almost the same time. Is it possible to customize the duration in the designer so that it can have longer than 5 seconds? Thanks, and agent!!!

Hey there, thanks so much for the message. We have had a number of similar requests for this recently and actually are looking to implement an increase in the duration for delay and duration in the short term. Please bear with us while we make that change for you.

In the interim, can you give us some further detail on your project? We would love to hear what you are building!

I would also encourage you to join us on our new Discord. We are slowly migrating away from the forum to the Discord so you will find a more active and responsive community over there. You can sign up here.

I just found out that Legacy can just do that, however, there is another issue I am faced with, which is whenever I am inserting a video, I cannot untick “pause other media” option, as well as other options when I ticked them, all of them stay “ticked”. Why is that?