Zapper App Error - 'Code out of use'


Summary: I’ve a system that is triggered by Zapcode. It seems the issue is at the Zapper/Zapcode level. Apparently the rest of the system is working fine.
Expected behavior: There is an image on the wall. When I hold my iPad (Zapper app) in front of the image it is supposed to match and trigger an action.
Issue: When I’m holding my iPad in front of the image, the Zapper app shows an error: ‘Code out of use’.
Note: This happened second time in 2 months. The system is developed and supported by a software vendor. While waiting for the vendor to respond, I thought of contacting you for insight. I don’t have any Zapper account. I guess the vendor has an account with Zapper.

Any help you could provide in resolving this will be much appreciated!!


Hi there,

Generally this error occurs when a user’s zapcode has either been unpublished, or has been archived, not allowing you to access their AR content.

A zapcode needs to be published so that it can be scanned by other users.

Sorry about that, but hopefully your vendor republishes the zapcode you’re trying to scan :slight_smile:

All the best,