Zappar WebAR


Hello, anyone can help me.
inside the mobile devices, the webAR not working but when i test at my dekstop, the webAR working so well.


Hello @connell!

I’m playing around with the webAR but it takes ages to load the image capture.

I have a +20mb internet connection and it takes around 28 seconds since you accept to use the camera until the image capturer appears:

Is anyone else having this issue?


It takes 20 sec for me as well. I have about 80 mb on wifi with my samsung galaxy s7.




Yes unfortunately there are some difficulties running the web AR platform inside an app. This is because the component Apple provides to make this possible (WKWebView) doesn’t yet support the camera. We’re hoping they address that soon, but in the mean time it’s best to use the native SDK or to link out to the site in Safari.




Could you contact with a link to your experience and we can take a look.



Hi robby2023!

Could you let us know what device you’re running on there (and OS version)? The WebAR platform makes extensive use of the latest web technologies available in the browser and so may be slower to load on older devices and OS’s.



Hi is there some more other options? I didnt find any docs about this?
Maybe to hide camera switch button?




There’s not an option to hide the switch camera button at the moment but we can totally add that :slight_smile:. Let us know if there are any other suggestions and we can see what we can do!



Thanks, that would be great!

Sometimes you dont need that button and you control selected camera with script so somethimes button is just there to confuse experience.

Just 2 quick things from the top of my head.
1 - collor of toolbar - like in zappar app
2 - is it possible to manipulate gyro rotation (orientation) of browser - so for example if you come to our experience browser wouldnt rotate if we rotate device - our experience acellometter settings would override then behaviour.

All those things (existing an also my suggestions) can maybe be available also as settings somewhere in zappworks studio - like object “Device” for zappar app?



Would love to be able to set opacity of the bar in Zappar and WebAR! The option is there but not working right now.


Hi to everybody, i have some question about WebAR…

  1. If i create a project with Qr code, do i need to put it into the tracking image?..
  2. the name of the project need to be the same in Studio and in the Zappar back office?

tried the two but the Browser (safari on IOS) answer with: UNABLE TO CONNECT but after that it gives me the possibility to scan a zappar code, and after scanning the zappar code i can view the experience in the browser…
Thanks to everybody


How can I Customize the Launch Screen in WebAR? Thanks.


You have to contact the zappar guys. They will help you out.



Hello guys,

I think it has been asked but I can’t find the (recent) answer: it is possible to run the webAR experience as an iframe inside another page?



Because WebAR is ran from zappar’s servers they will have to tell if it can be.

You have to contact the zappar guys. They will help you out.



Thx Steve, you are super helpful.


I try to install Zappar WebAR in my windows pc. Initially, windows error 0x80248007 is showing and then I fix this error immediately. Now successfully I installed it and I am very with the experience.


Zappar WebAR runs in google chrome or Safari browsers. How are you trying to install it?



Hi @connell,
I am having an issue with the deep link. I created a project and have 3 different triggers, QR code, Zap Code and Deep Link

My Deep Link is
When i click on it to open it still shows me a scanner.
I taught the deep link should take me directly to the vr experience.
What could possibly be the issue??


What do you think about labeling the campaign with two ZAP and QR triggers?