Zappar WebAR


Hey everyone!

I’m super excited to announce the beta of the web version of our technology :slight_smile:

What is it?
Zappar WebAR is the same Zappar app technology but running in the web browser rather than a separate app you install on your phone. Users can scan and enjoy Zappar content in the browser without having to download any apps. You can access Zappar WebAR here:

Why is it so cool?

  • Most existing Zappar content works in Zappar WebAR without modification
  • Most features of our platform are supported in the web, and where there are gaps in functionality (which may be due to browser constraints) we’ve implemented graceful fallbacks to improve the user experience
  • Users don’t need any special web browsers; the version of Safari or Chrome that came with their device should work

Why is it ‘beta’?

We make extensive use of new web browser functionality to make this work, and so we expect that Zappar WebAR will not be as stable or featureful as the Zappar native mobile apps while browser technology matures and our implementation is road-tested. In particular:

  • larger content experiences may hit memory limits faster in the browser than they would in the app
  • browsers don’t give us as much control over the camera as native apps do, so tracking may suffer a little
  • lots of the performance optimizations we have in the native apps aren’t available in the browser, so things may be a bit slower

What’s coming?

In addition to improving Zappar WebAR as we go, we’re making changes to ZapWorks to better integrate WebAR support into your content development workflow.


We recommend that you direct users to the native Zappar apps while the web version is in beta. In the mean time feel free to try your content out at, and let us know how you get on! We’d love to hear your feedback - what works, what doesn’t, etc :slight_smile:



Is there a way to launch the WebAR app loaded with a Zappar content from a link? For the native app i can use the Deeplink ‘’ and would like to do the same with the WebAR.


Hi Connell
I have excited to hear about this good and convenient feature please let me know if I want to add this link to my home screen and use it what should I do? I added it in my home screen but when I tap on it I see this message in screen shots.
ARshow Agency


Hi @tsguterres,

Great question, and the answer is… yes :slight_smile:

The format is like this:

Where that last z/… bit is the same z/… bit from the deep link.

There are some extra other options that you might like to add:
rs=0 <- hides the rescan button
menu=0 <- hides the menu button

So that would look like this:

Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:



Hi @seyed.kamali ,

Unfortunately Apple use different settings for sites that are launched directly from the home screen which means we can’t access the camera :frowning: We’re hoping that will change in future versions of iOS since we agree it would be convenient!



Thanks Connell


So if i just add the last bit of this deep link -

To https;//

It will open the scene in my mobile browser?

Doesn’t seem to work when i try it


Hi @technology!

It’s just the z/… bit that goes on the end, like this:

Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:



Hi yes that works.

Presumably with WebAR there’s not way to also put a UI on the screen?



Hi @technology,

Which of our tools are you using (e.g. Widgets, Designer or Studio)? The WebAR platform should work in the same way as the app does - so you can build UI elements in Studio projects in the usual way :slight_smile:



Hey @connell first of all congratulation for launching webAR :)…

It really works well for my project and I hope ppl will find it more interesting compared to dedicated AR mobile application.

I am curious to understand that, all feature which works in the mobile app will work exactly the same in the browser also? Or is there any certain limitation/advantage?

I personally find webAR image tracking much better than the mobiel app AR but I also got some issues with sound playing. ( Sent mail to as well)



Hello, I see that it does not work inside a mobile device if it is embedded in an iFrame. Only if it is a direct link.

Any solution or improvement?

It would be interesting to be able to embed it in an iFrame within an APP, thus avoiding having to download the Native APP from Zappar.

Thank you.


Using Studio - a basic interface with buttons that lead to images opening, sounds and so on. Basic pointer down events…