Zappar WebAR issues


I recently shifted my Zapcode to have a WebAR trigger via a QR code. Unfortunately, on a Huawei P20 Pro the web version uses the macro lens instead of the normal one, with no way to change it, so we tried opening the ZapCode via “recents”, and found out that all of the zapcodes in the recents tab are unnamed, even though we name all our zapcodes. What could be the reason behind all of this and what could be a possible solution?


Hi @menegonmaciej,

Since our recent update the in-app name and icon has been slightly broken. We have fixed this today so it should now be working again. You will need to update the icon/name (simply adding a space to the end of the name and pressing enter should do) in to see the fix.

Let us know if you are still experiencing issues.