Zappar Web AR Link instead of scanning Zapcode


I’m trying to use Zappar WebAR to display AR content on my website. I wanted to achieve this by having a link on my own website that takes you to the Zappar webAR webpage which would then scan the target image and then display the AR content along with a link back to my website.

Is it possible to use a link to take you to the Zappar WebAR website without scanning the first zapcode?


Hi @gcreekba,
It is possible to use an URL link to start an experience using Zappar’s WebAR functionality.
Just use a deep-link trigger when you are publishing an experience in your account.
After that, you can simply copy the deep-link from your account page and use it as an ordinary web link.
The link will be of the type “”.


Thanks for your answer, @prodipta

A Deep Link is a trigger type, which when tapped allows you to navigate to Zappar WebAR.

To learn more about triggers, please use our article here for more information.

You can add triggers by going to, clicking in to your project, then click on the ‘Triggers’ tab.

Hope this helps,


Great thank you!


Hi there,

Apologies, here’s the link to the Project Triggers article: