Zappar trigger opens website

Hi everyone,

I have created a paperbased Zappar-code. Scanning the trigger isnt the problem but I am always directed to my browser. It is impossible to open the content directly within ZAPPAR. Any ideas whats the reason for this? I couldnt find any settings for this.

Thanks, Birgit

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Hi @birgit.dittrich11,

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Just to confirm - would you like the experience to launch into the Zappar App, not Zappar WebAR?

You can update your launch destination by going to the project’s page and scrolling down to its Triggers panel. You can then hover over the destination and select Change to see your destination options; including the Zappar App for certain projects:

If you do not see the Zappar App in your list of distribution types, that project likely does not support the app.

Have an awesome day!
Francesca :blush: