Zappar PNG vs 3D



I’m very new to studios and I’m trying to create a filter that allows you to place shrits on yourself (theoretically the shirts would be like a ‘sticker’ you could resize and move around the screen to place on yourself if that makes sense) however when I place the pngs of the shirts into studios and then test run it it won’t let me move the shirts around and will only show me a static image.

Do I have to use a 3D model of a shirt instead of a png? If so, are there any tutorials that I can watch that explain how to do that?

Is there any way to make the pngs work as I have already created them and it would be the easiest option for me to do.

Thank you so much in advance for your help and consideration.



Are you looking at doing a photo-op?
If you add the 2d-photo op sub-symbol you can use your pngs.