Zappar on a big interactive screen?


Hey guys; it’s nice to be part of the community!

Question: I’m thinking of using Zappar face tracking on a big interactive screen (2m / 6ft approx.) with a webcam; is this something that Zappar could support?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Maybe if you used the pc zappar app.



Maybe there is a webcam on the market which can be connected to an Android TV-Box, phone or tablet using USB. The screen of the Android TV-Box, phone or tablet can then be connected by (mini-)HDMI. Note that the latter should be supported on the chosen device.


Welcome @sarahgatefield! That certainly sounds a really interesting use case - could you let us know a little more about what it is you’re seeking to achieve? One of our team will be back in touch with you sharpish, things are little slower than usual with so many of us out at the AWE expo this week :slight_smile:.