Zappar Library/Plugins


Hello Everyone,

Is there any plan from Zappar to insert a support for pluggins and JS/TS’s Libraries?
I think this would be very cool for codding people!

att, Higão.


Hi @higor,

Unfortunately, at this moment in time there are no plans to support plugins for external JavaScript and TypeScript libraries.

You are correct in thinking that this could improve the software for coding people but this is not currently something in our pipeline!

We do have some really cool updates coming very soon for Studio however, so keep an eye on that! :slight_smile:

All the best,



Hello @George,

Thanks for answer me and I’ve to say this is very sad :c (I mean bout’ the code part) and also very happy by the new updates!

I’ll be watching for then

att, Higão.


Hey Higor,

It would be cool if you could give us an idea of some of the Javascript and Typescript libraries that you would like in an ideal world. Was there one in particular that you had in mind?



Hello @chris.holton,

Answering your question… No, isn’t just only one in particular. There are several would be cool and interesting not only for the user but for you guys! So the ideal was let the user insert which one that he wants but is okay.

Then all I did was look deeper to find cool and useful things and I have some that would be very interesting to think in create on own zappar or just insert the library there. While I was searching for then, of course I remembered about the typescript/ecmascript limitation on Zappar but I still say: Just ideais as you wish!

First of everything:



A JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models in the browser and on Node.js. With it we could has more complex games and projects in general, using the deep learning ideia that it brings!


With this library support we can create games and other multiplayer things that let users interact with each other!

Matter.js, Cannon.js, PhysicsJS:


[Edit1: this guys here are the most important in my opnion]

1 -
2 -
3 -

These libraries were made just for physics created with JS codes, so any of them would improve a lot the plataform letting us have more complex game and also more cool/complex animations.

I have lots of libraries that I could say here but this would take too long so I prefer to shortcut it with this site and say that libraries about animations via code, about make gifs (this one would very good at least), maps and other gadgets would do lots of improvements in Zappar and I think will save hard work from you guys!

Yet about this site I would like to give some notoriety for some of these mentions:

Calendar Solution:

Gif Solution: jqGifPreview (also I got this one

Video Responsive Solution: (this one would be very cool)

Image Responsive Solution:

Map Solution:

How I said, I could mention lots of things and show lots more but I prefered to shortcut with site. I hope you guys take a look into this and maybe think in create in Zappar or insert some or one or just let the support to insert libraries.

Me and other Zappar’s programmers that actually use it as a work, think these improvements would help us a lot and help the projects be more cool to see and use!

att, Higão.


There’s probably nothing I’d love more than support for p5js and access to pixels in a texture. That’d open so many possibilities I’d have to hug you guys. Now that I think about it, just access to the pixels would already be amazing.


Hey Slothling,

Lots of problems and things would be soluted or improved if we had this support! Your texture problem, my problems with physics and toons of other things!

I would love if this support happen! Really, really love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

att, Higão


Thanks for sharing Eero and Higor! Others who are reading this please feel free to comment as well.

We will digest all the suggestions you have made and if they make sense for the product that we can add them on to the roadmap! I will get back to you if and when any further info is needed.

Have a great week both, and thanks again!


Heyo @chris.holton,

EDIT 1: I’ll be happier if any physics engine could be inserted or created in Zappar! :smile:

Thanks for reading and getting this into zappar’s operation! Will be amazing if any of these requests or other things setted on the plataform!

I’ll be waiting very enthusiastic for news about it!

att, Higão