Zappar in a Mayoral campaign



Pretty new to Zappar; first post.

One of the candidates in our local mayoral election wanted to extend her reach to the younger voters (18- 30) and alongside her social media campaign, wanted to add AR (after we introduced her to the idea socially!) We were only given a very short amount of time to put this together so there are a number of glitches that are still being worked out and the intro still needs to be developed int something a bit more cohesive, but would be interested in feedback.





Fantastic idea! Would you mind sharing your code?


Very nice project


Yes, no problem. I will need to replace the videos and logos with placeholders and the code is in a mess so will tidy it up a bit first.

Glad you liked it.


This is looking great @paddywardnz, particularly for the timeframe you had to work with - nice one!

Is it the case that you’ll be updating the code periodically to reflect the campaign, outcomes of meetings etc.? Think it’s particularly forward thinking to be using this as a form of ‘always on’ channel for digital content which you can control and update.


Hi James, thank you.

Yes, the zapcode is being distributed on flyers at campaign meetings and through mail drops as well as being on all election signage. We are trying to establish patterns of behaviour amongst users to get them coming back each week and participating. The initial poll was meant to break down reluctance to participate by being one question only and to establish a common bond. The results will be summarised each week by Angela when she updates the intro video, which is timed so that she can report on the weekly council sessions and keep the electorate up to date with the issues.

It is going to be very interesting to see how engagement develops over the next couple of months. I will keep you informed.