Zappar for lucky draws


Hi all - So, I’ve been approached as to whether Zappar can be used as a way of creating a lucky draw for a local restaurant.
In essence, patrons receive a card (or something) as a promotion, and if they scan the code, they can win anything from a free drink to a free meal… Almost like the old “scratch card” but using AR.

I’m battling to think of how to make that work, if it’s even possible…

Anyone have any thoughts? :sweat_smile:


Well we need to know a little more.

  1. Do they (the restaurant) need it to be tracked or linked to there POS?
  2. DO they need to link to some kind of DB?
  3. What kind of limits are they looking at. (EX. each device can only get 1 free drink or meal ever/ every week/year)

If we need to link to a DB or POS that will take a bit. If it’s just a per device we can use to save data to the user device (but if the user clears the zappar app data it will reset)



Building an experience that would do a random draw is probably the easiest part. Check out this tutorial and swap the characters for prizes.



I’m still somewhat new to the Zappar platform, but based on my experience thus far (having created a couple 3D experiences), it certainly seems possible with the Studio API (given the access to JS).

What’s not clear from your description is where AR comes into play. Based solely on your description, all that’s needed is some conditional logic after scanning a QR code, and the Zappar platform is not even needed for that. Where does the AR content come into play, and what value would it add?


Here’s one relatively simple idea if you can control the distribution of the cards. If it’s a coupon in a newspaper or online this won’t work. This will also require that Zappar can recognize multiple image markers in the same project.

  1. Print up a selection of unique cards. Some that trigger prizes. Some that don’t.
  2. Give out the cards.
  3. Scan the card to see if you won something.
  4. Surrender the card at the time you redeem your prize.