Zappar deeplinks - Graceful transitions between experiences in WebAR


Hi there, I am new to Zappar, really enjoying what it can do so far. I am currently working on a project where I need to scan an Image target that will then open up an AR photobooth app, I have found that it may not be possible to have image tracking and face tracking in the same application, am I correct in thinking this? If so my workaround was to scan the image have a user tap a button which would link to the face tracking experience, I have been able to do this by launching the deeplink url on tap but this launches the using z.device.launchUrl but this creates a pop up that then launches a second browser and then loads the app up. From reading the documentation I found this

Deep links can be used to move between different Zappar experiences - just use the link in conjunction with the existing features and functions for launching web links (e.g. Z.device.launchUrl(...) ).

When doing so it’s recommended that the portion of the link is replaced with zappar:// since this ensures that the app gracefully handles the transition to the new content.

This sounds like it would do exactly what I want and open the second experience inside the already launched browser page, but the deeplinks no longer contain “” and I tried to replace the with zappar:// instead but this will not launch the other experience, is this an app only feature or can it be run on WebAR as well? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


I did the same thing with deep links for my Sipsmith competition. As for the new web zappar maybe @Seb will know.