Zappar Camera stopped working well in any of my projects

Hello, I make this post to request help regarding Universal AR for Unity, I had no problem during the development of my project but after a few days the camera stopped working correctly causing that in any project the camera always looks like simulator in the image below (1), the build for android looks the same as the simulator attached in the images, in empty scenes sometimes the build works as it should and other times it still shows a black screen.

I have tried modifying the build settings, project settings, preferences, camera values, reimporting the package from the desktop and from Git Url, change simulated device, creating multiple projects with different templates and more but there is no solution.

Project Settings:
Build Settings:
(1) Scene: ZapWorks - Album on Imgur

我的问题与你是一样的,目前我也没有找到解决办法,请问你找到了吗? 我很奇怪,希望可以帮到我