Zappar App is Launching my project in an external webpage

I’m creating a project, but instead of opening the project after the scan in the app, it launches an external page where it opens my project, and I would like to keep it in the Zappar app, or even in the which also is not working. Any advice?

The project is an image, which one scanned, becomes a video, it’s quite simple.

Thank you

Hi there! Welcome!

Currently, ZapWorks Designer can only be used to publish WebAR experiences, which means it will need to launch a web page and run in your browser. WebAR experiences can’t be viewed inside the zappar app.

If you would like to keep your experience within the Zappar App, I would recommend giving ZapWorks Studio a try. The experience is certainly possible within Studio, and you might be able to avoid writing much code, if any at all.