Hi Friends
I wanted to know if you could make a feature on Zaplytic we can only invite the client to view their Zapcode group analysis and everyone can’t view another Zaplytics?
I think it will be very useful for our AR marketing.


Hi Miri,

So I was looking into this and the closest thing I can find is the discussion I had with Paddy regarding the mayoral campaign project they were working on.

The issue remains that, unfortunately, while you can invite people to have Zapalytics-only access, that is still on a per-account basis rather than per-project.

The only current workaround on a single account with multiple projects is, if clients want regular updates on their project’s performance, you create an update schedule with them and report directly. For example, exporting data from Zapalytics on a daily or weekly basis as a CSV and presenting that information to them as and when they require it.

It would also be possible if you created a new ZapWorks account per client, then purchasing a seat on each subsequent account on which to build client-specific content. They could then be granted Zapalytics-only access to the account that solely featured their own commercial content. However, this would come at extra cost which, while it could be passed onto the client, is probably not a great solution.

I definitely think functionality that would support this being per-project is a really good idea - particuarly if there is some way of creating a kind of ‘client-only’ permission for Zapalytics so they can access real-time data for a single campaign. But as I say, it is not something that’s currently possible.

I’ve brought this up to both the Support and Platform teams here to see if it’s something that could be added to our roadmap for future updates. We’ll make sure any updates on this process will be added to this thread.


Thanks @james.wright
I think if you can update this in the future,it will be very useful for everyone who uses Zapwork.