Zapcodes on Event Name Badges


I’m looking to create AR networking name badges like the ones that are shown in this Zappar video:

Any suggestions as to how we can achieve this without having to do them all manually?

Integration with Event aps

If you’re looking for them to be different for each person you will still have to do them manually. You can make one code and just change the person’s data. But you will still need a separate zapcode per person as well.



I was thinking about this and the other post for events. If you can get the guys at zappar to get you a list of zapcodes ( the ID numbers of the zapcode) and have the zappar app know what ID number was scanned (I think you can do this in the coding) you could then make one code to use.

First have a website where you enter user info you want to share. You will then take the zappar id add it to the user db. Then give that tag to the person. The app will know it’s ID number and look up it’s info from the db and display users data.

You will still be uploaded the same program to the 100 zap codes but the guys may have a faster way.


You will need zappar guys to say make 100 zapcodes. Give you the list with IDs and the tag. Then copy your code to all 100 for you.