Zapcodes for personal have expiration?


I as the hobbyist that developer looking to experiment with AR/VR/MR in personal account. And I have question for hobbyist use:

  • the 5 free zapcodes that given in the beginning, will it expired?
  • studio for first 30 trial day use, will the zapcodes expired (after I create the 3D object for the hobby project) ?


Hi @liewmingjye - essentially, zapcodes and their associated experiences remain active only so as long as your ‘seat’ remains active.

So with your example, your experiences would remain active and accessible for the 30 days of your trial account, but would then expire if you did not subsequently purchase a seat.

This does not mean you lose your experiences or work - you can re-activate them by later purchasing a seat.


Thanks for answering the question.

  1. You mean the studio project for zapcodes only for 30 days trial active and we need to purchase it to stay active even the zapcodes is the first 5 free zapcodes that given by zappar after sign in.

  2. I have other question the 5 free zapcodes that given in the beginning (without using studio paltfrom, only using designer and widget tools ), will it still expired because this first 5 free zapcodes is given without purchasing - Will it still need to purchase active to use after 30 days?


Hi @liewmingjye,

Zapcodes on Personal accounts last indefinitely, whereas on Business and Education accounts zapcodes last as long as there is an active seat (for Education accounts, an active Educator seat).

Hope this helps.



Thank you! It help me the difference between zapcodes in different account.