Zapcodes are unpublished cannot open in studio


i have renewed my subscription earlier this year and I see my older projects on zapworks online but they do not appear in my studio interface why is that. I’ve worked hard on some of those projects and now I cant publish them.


Hi @larnell32724,

Thanks so much for your question! As long as you have previously published a project, you will be able to import it back into Studio if you find that they are somehow missing.

You can do this by clicking on your project from, going to the ‘Experience’ tab from the left menu and then scrolling down to the logs section. From here, you should be able to ‘download’ your .ZPP.

When you open Studio again, remember to click on ‘Import .ZPP’!

Hopefully that was helpful!
Francesca :blush:


Thank you so much for this