Zapbox: Projecting Single Screen View to External Display While in Headset Mode


For demoing purposes, I’d like to project a single screen view of the app to an external monitor, while still allowing the user to be in headset mode while using the app. I looked around the forums and documentation, but I couldn’t find anything pertaining to this topic. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? Thanks!


Hi @willmtong,

There’s no built-in ‘stream to display’ functionality in either of the Zappar or ZapBox apps currently.

However there are ways to stream your device’s screen to an external display using your device’s capabilities.

Connect your iOS device to a Mac laptop/desktop and mirror your Mac’s screen to an Apple TV connected to your external display.

Connect your device to your external display with an MHL cable (your device and screen should be MHL capable). Alternatively mirror your device to a Chromecast device connected to your display.

Please note that these methods may not be supported by all devices/displays. You can find more information on this over on their respective online resources.

All the best,


Ah okay, thanks for the feedback. I just want to be able to display a screen to the audience when the user is using in headset mode, but I want the audience to see a normal view of the scene, not headset mode. It seems like this would have to happen at an application level rather than at the device level. Thanks again for the help.