Zapbox playstore link doesn't exist [RESOLVED]


Hi there,

I’ve been trying download the zapbox app onto my andriod phone but it say’s the the “URL was not found on this server” when visiting the zapbox google playstore page.

I can't download zapbox for android

Update: ZapBox is now back live in the Play Store.

Older response below:

Hi Masaya,

Google have temporarily removed the ZapBox app from the Play Store. You can download the latest version for 64-bit arm devices below. The vast majority of modern Android phones should work with this version.

[link removed in edit - Play Store is the best way to get the ZapBox app]

To provide a bit more detail - Google have been getting more strict about any apps involving AR showing a warning to be aware of your surroundings, and it seems they have been retrospectively reviewing and removing apps because of that. We’ll be adding a warning message into the app and resubmitting to Google this week. ZapBox isn’t a typical AR app though, so I suspect it might take a bit of communication with the Play Store reviewers to get them to understand the app and approve it. I’m hoping it will be back live in the Play Store next week.

Hope that helps,