Zapbox controllers functions


Hello everyone ( yeah, it’s me again xD),

I would like to know if someone has an explanation about how the controllers work when programming because I didn’t find anything that could me help explaining how to program it to do something, like:

  1. Point controller;
  2. When click with the controller’s button, something happen;

Would be very cool if this things and kinda of explanations was released on the Zappar’s documentation ( yea, I also didn’t find anything about this there :frowning: );

If someone could help me, I’ll be very grateful! :smiley:

att, Higão.


That haven’t given us the button yet. Trust me I’m waiting on it as well.



Jeez, Thanks Steve :frowning:

att, Higão.


Any update on this? Looking to implement the button into my experience.


Simon posted this on another post.



Sep '18

Hi Steve,

Here’s a demo project to show the current input API that we use in ZapBox:
ZapBoxTriggerExample.zpp (41.6 KB)

I’ve commented the code with some important things to bear in mind.

Here’s just the target file that specifies the slider inputs for the controllers so you can add it to your existing scenes. It will also pull in the world map that you have built in ZapBox:
zapbox_trigger_controllers_withworld.zpt (28.8 KB)

Until we finish up the android app update, I’m afraid this will only work on iOS for now. We’ve been making good strides with Samsung device improvements for that release but I don’t want to promise any dates at this stage. Should be “soon” though! :slight_smile:

Studio 6 will expose this in a more user-friendly way. We may also make breaking API changes to the underlying input API as part of that (although that is pretty unlikely at this stage).

Have fun :smiley:


Thanks Steve,

ok I downloaded the project and am having trouble figuring out how to implement the code into my project. My background isn’t really in code so this is a bit on the advanced side for me.

Ill continue to mess around with it a bit in the mean time.



To be honest I download the code and looked at it a bit but haven’t had time to play with it yet.
Probably wont till the the end of Feb.

If I have time I’ll look at it some more.



No worries Steve. Do you happen to know if there are any sample projects we can download and dissect to figure out these things?


The only two samples I know of are…


Flower and button