Zapbox controller position

I was looking to see how to find a controllers position. I know we can use triggers with controller but I’m looking to know how fast the controller is moving in the world space and to use position info for shooting things from it.

I’m thinking there should be away to get the position becuse how would a trigger know if it’s been hit by the controller.


Hi Steve,

There has been a similar discussion here - World space transformation data

Using TriggerRegions it’s possible to tell the position of object nodes inside of a region in either the TriggerRegion’s local coordinate system or that of the TriggerRegion’s parent. The best way of doing this to track the position of the controller is to place a plane at the center of the controller’s diamond (with the same TriggerRegion tag) and set it’s visible property to false.

Creating a ‘none’ shape TriggerRegion means you’ll be able to track the position of a controller anywhere in the experience, you can then use further, more specific TriggerRegions for button interaction etc.