Zap Code not working in Designer


I am having a hard time getting approved tacking image in Designer. This is what I want to use (pic attached); the zap code is 1 inch diameter and it does not qualify when tested. I also tested a blank page with a very large zap code to see if it was me or the software and that did not work. I do believe there is a bug in the software but if I’m doing something wrong can someone advise?

I really like the software and would like to purchase but need to figure out what is going wrong.



I can scan your image ant it tracks for me. Looks like it’s not finished but I can see it.



Thanks Steve - YES I can too. It started working yay!


Glad to hear it.

I did see that the forms site went down yesterday so maybe they where doing updates.



Hi Julie,

We’ve currently got a bug which causes videos and images uploaded to ZapWorks to upload as tracking images, which therefore provides errors with your tracking.

Our team will try to find an issue for this as soon as we can; in the meantime, whenever you preview your ZapWorks content, refresh your page first, and review your tracking image to discard incorrect tracking images.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’ll get back to you once I get an update.

All the best,