Zap Box Controller Issue


I have a Moto G4 phone. The Mini Golf game works fine and when I put it in a MR Cardboard headset this works too. Very pleased about finally getting to experience these.

What I am having trouble with is the controller

This is what I saw Simon get

and this is what I’m getting

as far as I can figure out I am getting the back of the club.



Glad you got it almost working.

I think you just need to swap the diamond so it’s the other way round - the grey band with “Z” on it should be at the bottom of the diamond (the side nearest to where you hold it).

You might also want to print the diamond onto card (or stick the paper onto card) before folding to make it a bit more solid.

Does the G4 support manual camera settings yet (or do you get the popup when you tap the lock that says it’s not supported?) Last time I tried it didn’t support it but think there’s been an OS update since then, so I had my fingers crossed for that.



Hey Simon,

I swapped the diamond around and that took care of the issue. You might want to print the word top on the printout pages, (or bottom on the Left Right buttons). Though I suspect finishing up Android optimizations and zapbox more apps are more important then this.(can you give us access to the" Alice in Wonderland" bunny?!)

As far as i remember when I tried pressing autofocus a message appeared that it did not work.I had hoped to double check but as I bent down to place my codes on the floor, my back spasmed, have spent the past few days flat on my back, and am not expecting to do much bending when I do recover. Which brings me to an interesting question.

So I don’t have to bend, I am thinking of attaching strings to the codes so i can throw them to the ground and retrieve them without bending.

how few codes can I use to have the Zapbox app recognize the target and controller?


Oh no! Really sorry to hear about your back :frowning:

It’s a great point that it’s not actually clear which way the diamond should be attached on the print-at-home stuff and definitely something we’ll think about when we next update those files.

Right now you’ll need at least two codes in view for maps to be recognised (applies to both world and controllers), but I’d recommend three as a minimum for better accuracy world tracking (with the three not being in a straight line). Having more means you’re able to view the content from different angles and still have at least three codes in view, so that’s the main advantage of more than that.

You could maybe attach some tabs to the codes so you could pick them up with a grabber and avoid the need to bend down? We also find table-top content works well, even though we haven’t actually published anything publicly yet.

I enjoy showing the “bunny out of hole” one but it’s taken from some work we did on behalf of a client so not something we can share publicly. We do have an experience of ZapBot emerging from a hatch (which is the coolest part of the bunny experience IMHO) which was more of an in-house thing so I’ll see if I can dig that up get it published to a Zapcode next week. There’s also the “mind-blown” and the small table-top xylophone that appeared in the Kickstarter video that we can probably share pretty easily next week too.


To all others with back problems…What I’ve done is attached Neodymium Magnets to the back of each disk, and to a selfie stick.

Indoors I was not able to get the codes to be recognized so I am taking the Zapbox outside.

The selfie stick folds up making it more portable for outside use then a grabber.

Looking forward to the Zapbox emerging from the hatch demo,