Zap AR image target buttons not work in protrait mode

i am using zapper AR library and i have buttons in world space
so when the mobile device get in landscape mode
the click on buttons not work ,
this is a simple project and this is the image target


so if the device is in protrait mode click on buttons works well ,
but when you rotate the device in landscape mode the buttons not work


even if i use a raycast to object it doesn’t work in landsacpe mode

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Hi @abdalrahmansammani - hopefully you’ll have seen by now the fix for this problem on the PlayCanvas forums; I’ve raised a support request with Zap to fix their template projects on PlayCanvas, but until then if you replace the end of zapparCamera.js with the code snippet provided by yaustar all should be well again.

Thanks both!

As @howiemnet mentions, we’ve received a bug report for this via our support channel. Our dedicated PlayCanvas developer is looking into this and will deploy the fix to our existing PlayCanvas template.

Thanks again for the report and I’ll update this thread as soon as we have the update live.


Hi @abdalrahmansammani,

We’ve deployed a fix to the SDK and the example projects.

Thanks @howiemnet for linking the relevant thread! :slight_smile:

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