Z.device.themeColor (How it works)


There is an specific color that i want example this hex #00458d

I tried to get the RGB, HSL even tried Binary, haha. but it doesn’t seem to work

this is my example, this script is not accurate to the hex that i want.


Hello @gapizabala,

This color may be changed by two ways.

The first and easier one:


Then you may change it by dragging around on the color picker, or put a hexa or then change by the RGB.

The second way to do it is by code like this:

These values that the code need to be working isn’t the RGB 0 - 255. They are these values here:

This RGB works from 0 to 1.

Hope this helps you.

att, Higão.


WOW!!! THIS IS AMAZING, I missed this out! THANK YOU SO MUCH @higor! you’re amazing.


No worries @gapizabala!

att, Higão.