Xiaomi Users FullScreenVideo Function


Hello everyone,

Anyone with a Xiaomi cellphone can help me out? I’ve a Pocophone F1 Global Version and today I was testing some experiences then I noticed that experiences that uses videos which are alocated on a server (has to use a link to open in fullscreen and etc), isn’t working. On my phone says “Is not possible reproduct this video”.

Anyone else is experiencing this? I can do a quick experience with a fullscreenvideo function on just to test…

P.S: It’s not only a experience that this happens. I already tried to upload a diferent video and create a new project but the result is the same. I don’t have anyone else which has a Xiaomi to help test.

att, Higão.


Now I noticed that in S9 Plus is doin’ the same problem. The common S9 don’t have this problem. Is this a Zappar problem or Android problem? Everything that is loaded from a server (sounds/video) don’t load. Just stay on that screen from the video symbol talking about the internet connection!

att, Higão.


I have a Xiaomi Mi5s with a custom rom (Android 9.0) installed, and some streamed videos only show the wifi symbol with an exclamation mark, but work fine on my iPhone.

Can’t tell you about the behaviour on MIUI, as I flashed the phone as soon as I got it out of the package.

99% of videos work on my device tho, there are just a few that don’t.

all the best


So this isn’t just with me. I noticed this recently. Now we know here that Xiaomi F1 128gb don’t load thing from servers. This started recently because I’ve this phone since the last year and everything was fine. Also, 2 days ago noticed that S9 Plus started this strange behaviour. Hope this messages/post gets on Zappar Support Team.

Also, thanks for the feedback!

att, Higão.


Hi @higor and @2416b,

Sorry for the late reply, this has seemed to fly under the radar!

Would it be possible to send the link to the videos you are experiencing this issue to support@zappar.com?

We will carry out some tests and try to find a solution.

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.



Hi @George did we find/ fixed the issue in playing video in android 9.
If yes then please let us know.


Hi guys,

The issue arises when using a http:// URL video.

Android 9 devices by default cannot view content served as HTTP, which could be the reason why your content doesn’t display.

Simply adding https:// instead will solve it.

Let me know if this fixes it. :slight_smile:



Thanks :slight_smile:
it worked for me


Hey, Thanks George, worked for me too!

att, Higão.


Sorry for the late reply! But it looks like you found the culprit! :smile: Thanks!


This is exactly what I needed too!
Loading an external video on the Pocofone F1 works now.



Not a Xiaomi issue but probably related so posting here - I have similar issue, using blank studio project with ready-made symbol definition. It is a 360-degree video. It’s uploaded in an azure blob and starts with https://

The project works with some phones, but not with others.

iPad Air2 ios 12.2
iPhone 8 plus ios 12.2
iPhone 6 ios 12.2
Moto G5s plus android 8.1.

Doesn’t work
Samsung Galaxy J3 android 8.0
Alcatel idol 4 android 6.0.1
Moto G5 android 8.1.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!