World Tracking with Replacement


Hi everyone,

We hope you’re all enjoying playing around with world tracking, we are still having lots of fun pushing it to the limit and working out what can and can’t be done!

There have been a few requests asking if it’s possible to reposition content once it has been placed. I’m sure a few of you have worked out by now that this is possible, nevertheless, we have put together a subsymbol that has this functionality already set up. :slight_smile:

The subsymbol also has UI that updates depending on the orientation of the device.

You can download it here: World Tracking Ground Replacement.zpp (1.1 MB)

Just simply drag it into the Symbol Definitions panel and use it in the same way as the other world tracking subsymbol.

As always, keep us updated on projects you are working on via our show and tell thread. We love seeing what you can create!


Sipsmith Portal - Inspiration Project

Many thanks George! This is something we were looking for, great!


Thank you George but I think you forgot to turn on the Show Reset Button.
It doesn’t work in you zpp file. I had to go in and add it to the code.

This is what I did.
World Tracking Ground Replacement.zpp (1.1 MB)



Hi @stevesanerd,

There’s actually a referenced property which sets whether the reset button is shown.


Simply select on the ‘World Tracking Ground Replacement’ node in the Hierarchy and change the ‘Show Reset Button’ property to true.




LoL I didn’t see that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: