World Tracking vs. Image Tracking


Hello, do you know what was used in this AR experience? World Tracking or Image Tracking?

It seems that if it was image tracking, the bird could not travel away from the original image, losing sight of the image from the view of the phone. The museum podium seems like a narrow surface to launch World-tracking. I am hoping to launch a similar experience, but I am unsure which is best to use.


I think they used Extended Tracking as detailed in this post.



Hi there,

As @eric.craft mentioned, Extended Tracking was used to create this experience. Extended tracking works by placing an anchor point in the world by using the tracking image. Once the image is no longer in your camera view, your phone tracks your AR content to the world, using the anchor point set by your tracking image as a reference.

For more information, including how to implement it, please check the forum post made by Simon here.

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