World tracking - show us what you've got!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a few weeks since the latest Studio 6 update, which brought the wonders of world tracking to the toolkit. It’s been great for our team to hear your feedback and to learn from your initial impressions.

Now you’ve had a little time to get settled, it would be great to see how you’ve been getting on and see some examples of your creativity.

Knowing that people are experimenting with Studio 6 is such a big motivation for us here - particularly for the dev team, to be able to see how the community are using the new features they’ve been working on.


Here’s our lovely little coffee table experience that you may have seen before. So, how about you? Whether it’s a work in progress, a finished project or a concept - show us how you’ve been getting on with world tracking :world_map: :heart: !



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We’ve had a brilliant example shared with us on Facebook from Tom, check it out!

They’ve used the ground placement symbol to easily secure a 3D model of the Pyramid of Kukulcan to the floor, letting the user explore it in the real world. Hot spots are used to trigger text windows that tell you all about the fascinating heritage of the site.

Keep them coming, can’t wait to see more.