World Tracking Problems


Has anyone experienced problems with world tracking lately? I had everything fine and now the world tracking is not working anymore on my phone. It is not sticking to the ground.


Hi @digitalpopups,

Sorry for the late response.

Are you still having issues with world tracking?

World-tracked experiences require the target device to support ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android).

If a device does not support ARKit or ARCore, world-tracked experiences will use the device’s gyro to update its orientation.



Thanks George
Yes the issue still exists and there was no problem before but for about a month whatever was working before in the correct devices no longer stick to the ground.


I can confirm that this feature appears to be broken. Old experiences that tracked well now float after me.

Also, floor level is not permanently set to waist height. I’ve emailed tech support. Helpful guys, so hopefully we’ll know soon!


FYI @donnav
Her problem was her device. I worked with her on this.



I wish it were my device!


None of the zapbox examples in the app work for me, I have also tested with the iphone


He’s looking for world tracking not zapbox.

We will have to setup a time to chat and see what we can do to get you going with zapbox :wink:



Thanks Steve. lets setup some time;-). Will send you a message.


Hello @George and @stevesanerd,

Brand new with Zappar. Testing the WebAR World tracker on my S9+ and I get the not compatible message. I have ARcore and I’ve used with other AR experiences no problem. I’m I doing something wrong?

Deploying via Studio.



I tested world tracking on my iPhone SE, Poco f1. It shows world tracking is not compatible. I have devices supporting ARCore and ARkit. The 3D object is floating. In unity, the Model is moving along with the screen. I couldn’t find any solution online.


Hi all,

ARKit / ARCore don’t currently work in the web. This is why you are seeing the error message when launching into WebAR.

Instant world tracking is our markerless tracking type that works in the web. I’d recommend having a look at this thread here to find out more: