World Tracking Portal with 360 Video


Ok, so what if I wanted to create a portal with 360 videos behind the mask instead of a photosphere? Could I use the 360 Video Player symbol? When using that symbol it fills the screen and position/masking seems a bit wonky when the symbol doesn’t rotate in 3D space. Does anyone have any thoughts or other ideas of what I could try or where to reference?


Hi @destery,

If you want to learn how to make a world tracking portal, I’d recommend checking out our inspiration project for the Sipsmith competition.

It can be found here:


Hi, @George I’ve been successful in creating a portal but I will definitely check out the project you mentioned. I just wondered if there was an easy way to replace the 360 still images with a 360 video. The 360 video player is not all that adjustable to place into a world tracking environment and I wasn’t sure if you guys had thought of or created anything yet.


Did you ever get this working with 360 video?
I’m trying to do the same myself with no joy.


Hi, @veronica I have not had any additional luck with it. I’m hoping to sit down and try again soon. I’ll pass on anything I’m able to figure out.


Hi @destery,

The 360 video player is a photosphere in screen space with the photosphere material property set to a video.

If you were to re-purpose the Sipsmith competition inspiration project, a 360 video would need to be dragged into the Hierarchy and the material property of the photosphere would need to be edited to point to that specific video (don’t forget to also start the video!).

Doing it this way would mean there would be no UI or controls options. To have UI and controls, the 360 video player subsymbol would need to be modified.

Hope this helps.



Hi, everyone.
George says: “…the material property of the photosphere would need to be edited to point to that specific video”

Can I set this material to point a streaming video?