World tracking in Zappar and Web


I’m using iPhone 6s. When using Zappar to test the project is working fine, but when it comes to testing the project on Web, it says my device is not supported and forces my device to use gyro. It seems like WebAR unable to detect my device? Any solution to that? Thanks.


World tracking isn’t available for WabAR yet.
but Instant Tracking is.



Hi @stevesanerd

I hope you are there any limitation for devices as world tracking in the instant tracking too?

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Not that I know of. But I think its only for webAr right now. But need to check. I know it was coming to the zappar app soon if it hasn’t already.



Thanks @stevesanerd
Please let me to clarify that my purpose is that now in the world tracking we only can have that in some devices those are more modern I want to know that in the instant tracking is the same to that?


Per the post “Tracking requires a device with a gyroscope”
So as long as it has one you should be good.



Thanks @stevesanerd